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About Us

BOTNUT is to stimulate young students to be Robotic innovators, by engaging them in robotic technology skillsins that motivate and cultivate perceptive learning capabilities including self-confidence, communication skills and leadership. The BOTNUT Challenge fosters student development of critical thinking, project management and skills to work as a team and equip them to be transformed into the next generation of pioneers and problem solvers.


BOTNUT aim is to inspire young learners for robotics technology and create fortunate Robotics champions across our country and to represent their institute at international of championships.

BOTNUT Identifies and nurture future Robotic scientists, technologists at school LEVEL. BOTNUT promotes students’ participation in National and International Robotic competitions. BOTNUT identifies young geniuses and providing them with a unique competitive platform where they can prove their robotic skills.


To foster dynamic students creativity,design and problem solving skills through challenging Robotic competition and Robotic activities.